Smart Trips Austin is a transportation options program that aims to reduce single occupant vehicle trips and increase trips taken by foot, bike, bus or shared car. The City of Austin and Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) are working together to encourage Austinites to consider more sustainable options for getting around town. These options can help you improve your health, save money, avoid traffic congestion and keep Austin a clean and beautiful place to live.


Capital Metro

What is Smart Trips Eastside?

Smart Trips Eastside Austin brings the Smart Trips program to 8,000 residents living in the Austin Heights, 2018_AustinTargetArea_web_v1-02Blackshear, Blackland, Chestnut, Cherrywood, Foster Heights, McKinley Heights and O.C.E.A.N. neighborhoods, as seen in the map to the right. The program will kick off in July 2018 and run through November 2018.

How did you choose the Smart Trips Eastside community area?

In order to be successful, the Smart Trips Austin priority community needs to have transit access, bicycle routes, shared mobility services, and destinations that are accessible by foot. Several geographic focus areas were evaluated using these criteria and we are proud to launch Smart Trips Eastside.

How does Smart Trips Eastside work?

Households in the target area will receive a Smart Trips order form and survey by mail when program launches. Households can order resources like maps, brochures, and special gifts. Smart Trips Eastside program outreach ambassadors will deliver the resources in a Smart Trips Toolkit tote bag by bike, bus, or carpool within a few weeks of receiving the order form. The program will also host events, like walking tours, bike rides, and transit adventures. The program includes a participant survey at the start of the program and after the program, which allows the City of Austin and Capital Metro to understand what worked and what could be improved.