Best Apps for Getting Around Town

The City of Austin is constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard to figure out if you are taking the fastest, safest, or most scenic route to your destination. Now you won’t have to worry about which bus will get you their fastest, which bike route has the least hills or which way to walk to see the most beautiful parts of the city. Our Smart Trips ambassadors have put together a list of the best FREE apps to help you make the most out of travel.


All Around Apps



Google Maps

A classic but a goody, Google Maps offers driving, transit, biking and walking directions through its app. This is a great tool for comparing the average time it would take to get to your destination across all modes.

Transit Apps



 Capital Metro

The local regional transit provider’s app is great for visitors and locals. The app has is the best at creating trip plans and alerting riders to any delays. An added bonus is that you can purchase your metro pass on the app! No more having exact change, now you can hop on a bus or train at a whim.





The Transit app is great for all the avid travelers out there. This app covers over 125  metropolitan areas worldwide, from Montreal to Miami! One of the biggest perks of Transit is its incredibly reliable bus tracker feature. This app also partners with local shared mobility providers, allowing users to unlock a bike through the app.



Similar to other apps, Moovit provides real-time bus trackers, step by step directions, and lets you save your favorite places to the app. One cool added bonus to Moovit is that it has a very nice web platform that allows you to plan your trip with picking up the phone. Online Moovit also provides statistics and facts on the transit in hundreds of cities!

Carpooling Apps



Waze Carpool

Earlier this Summer Waze released Waze Carpool, an app that matches commuters to neighbors with similar routes. The app allows users to pick whom they share a car, i.e. only women or only coworkers. This app is a great way to get to know your coworkers, save money and reduce congestion.

Biking Apps




The best feature about BikeMap is users ability to share their favorite routes with other users. Users are able to discover some of the most beautiful routes in the city while getting from Point A to Point B. The route also offers distance and an interactive elevation profile for everyday cycling.



A favorite among avid cyclist, Strava also offers great features for beginners and those who aren’t ready to head to France yet. Strava connects users with other users in their community allowing for groups to host clubs through the app. Users can go online and plan the perfect Sunday slow roll or commute route online.



Austin Ride Report 

Though the Austin Ride Report app does not give users directions from Point A to Point B; it does make sure whichever route you take is as smooth as possible. Using the app, users can rate their rides. These ratings create a crowdsourced map that shows users which roads are the best and which one are the worst. This is a great app to use before beginning your trip.


Walking Apps

Map My Walk

Also part of the Map My Fitness family, Map My Walk lets users share their favorite walking/running routes via the app. It is a great way to find out where the best scenic routes in your neighborhoods are, and a great way to share your favorite tree-lined routes with other users.



Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly has created a walking app that actually makes walking fun! Go Jauntly does not have any leaderboards or challenges incorporated in its app like other apps. The fun in Go Jauntly is provided by a community of users who create and share their favorite walking trail with other users. Depending on where you live some of the apps are expertly curated.