(Some) cyclists have beards

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Biking is fun, social, and a great way to get around Austin! Stay active and get where you need to go during the pandemic with a well-tuned bicycle as your friendly steed.

Believe it or not, bicycle travel times are often similar to or faster than driving during Austin rush hour. If your workplace is within 4 miles of your home, try biking to work one day next week. You may be surprised by how fast you return home.

Biking for errands or to work makes a lot of sense during good weather, but what about when it gets HOT? Well there is no such thing as bad biking weather, just bad bicycle clothing. Make sure you wear sweat resistant clothes, stay hydrated, and look for routes with shade. Also ask your employer about bicycle parking and showers at the office to make biking a real solution for your work commute.

Just starting to bike for the first time? Contact us and we’ll get you set for your first ride!

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Bicycle Maps

Smart Trips Austin understands that transitioning to bicycle transportation can be intimidating. Bike maps and safety brochures are available to boost your road confidence.

  • 2020 City of Austin Bike Map / Mapa para andar en bicicleta en Austin 2020* – includes tips for riding safely and an explanation of bike infrastructure downtown and citywide

Be Your Own Guide Rides

Downloadable custom DIY rides created for the Smart Trips Austin Citywide program in 2020:

Downloadable custom DIY rides created by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and Smart Trips Austin in 2019:

Downloadable custom DIY rides created by Bike Austin and Smart Trips Austin in 2018:

South Austin DIY ride created by Smart Trips Austin in 2017:

Bicycling Resources

Bike to Work

Bicycling Videos / Videos de ciclismo

Local Bicycle Organizations

Bike Austin*
City Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy

Bike Texas*
State Bicycle Advocacy

Ghisallo Cycling Initiative*
Youth Cycling Education

Social Cycling Austin*
Weekly Community Rides

Yellow Bike Project*
Community Bike Shop

Bicycle Shops

Ghisallo Cycling Initiative has created a Bicycle Shop Status webpage for the COVID-19 pandemic. Check this resource to see which bicycle shops are open, closed, or require a reservation.