4 Must Watch Videos for Beginner Urban Cyclists

Biking is a fun, cheap and easy way to get around Central Austin. But, sometimes it is hard to make the transition from social biking to biking with purpose. That is why our Smart Trips Ambassadors have put together a list of great videos that will help you feel more prepared and excited about biking.

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Best Apps for Getting Around Town

Our Smart Trips ambassadors have put together a list of the best FREE apps to help you make the most out of travel.

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Keeping It Cool 101: Eastside Edition

Is it me or is it getting hotter? As we get further into the Summer month it is a top priority that everyone stays safe and cool when getting around town. Read on to for some Smart Tips on how to stay comfortable as you walk, bike, and ride through Austin.

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Meet Your Smart Trips – Eastside Ambassadors!

Whether it be a trip to the local recreation center, catching some live music, or hanging out at our favorite restaurant, we believe transportation options like walking, biking, transit, and sharing rides are a way to connect people to their families, friends, and their community. With friendly faces and a personalized touch, our aim is to decrease single-occupancy car trips and increase the use of more sustainable transportation options through community outreach and one-on-one educational discussions.

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bus bike rack

Transit Trips Made Possible: First/Last Mile Solutions | January 2018

Have you considered taking transit but find the nearest stop to be just too far away from your home or destination? We understand this predicament and even have a name for it – the first/last mile challenge. Many people don’t want to rely solely on their car to travel but find themselves just too far away from public transit. If this describes you, here are a few options to consider to help close the gap to the bus stop.

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Austin Winter Commuting Tips

Sure, Austin winters may be mild compared to some cities but the shortened, chillier days present a few challenges for many that walk and bike for transportation. Yet, with a few tips winter can be a great time to keep moving around the city.

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Winter Wheelers Challenge! | December 2017

Have you joined the Winter Wheelers challenge? Hundreds of Austinites are now signed up and logging rides! There’s still time and chances to win prizes.

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