Ride Sharing


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Find a friend. Pick them up. Now all day you have good luck (and a carpool buddy)!

Updated CDC Recommendations on Ridesharing

Find out which of your co-workers lives near you and start an office carpool or ask your neighbors if they want to join you for a grocery store run. Carpooling is a great way to build community while helping others get around. Many professional car share and vanpool services exist in Austin. Familiarize yourself with options to find services that will get you where you need to go.

Joining a carpool or vanpool helps you recapture your commute time, while gaining other program benefits:

1. Save Money >> Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle, save on gas, parking fees and insurance

2. Save Time >> Use free time while commuting to: read, sleep or get a head start on work by checking emails

3. Save the Environment >> Eliminate 4-11 cars off the road per vanpool while also reducing the emissions and your carbon footprint

4. Potential Tax Benefits >> Employers offering voluntary transportation benefits may receive pre-tax benefits through IRS code 132 (f)

5. Reduce Parking Congestion >> Do your part to take cars off area roadways and company parking lots

Ride Share Materials

Austin has so many transportation services that it’s hard to know which one will best serve your needs. Request the following brochures in your Toolkit to get up-to-speed about carpool, vanpool, and transportation services in Austin.

  • MetroRideShare – The program, sponsored by Capital Metro and operated by VRide, provides eligible groups of 5-12 riders with a month-to-month vanpool lease agreement including insurance, maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance and optional fuel purchasing program.
  • RideShare Brochure – Guide to using a vanpool  to make your commute easier
  • My TX Ride – Regional transportation guide for senior adults, people with disabilities and veterans
  • Carma Carpooling – The world leader in commute carpooling. Thousands of daily commuters use Carma Carpooling every week!
  • MyCommuteSolutions.com – Find a carpool buddy, plan a transit trip, map out a bike route, and more! By logging your commute you can see fuel saved, calories burned, and pollution reduced.
  • Pedicabs! – Pedicabs were the original ride-hailing system and are about as Austin as it gets!

Ride-Hailing Apps

If you would rather let technology do the work, check out these car sharing services available in Austin.

A car rideshare service that also allows you to rent it’s scooters via the app.
Check before you go – fare estimator
Download the iPhone or Android App


A car rideshare service that also allows you to rent it’s scooters & electric bikes via the app
Check before you go – fare estimator
Download the iPhone or Android app

Car-Sharing Apps

Car rental service offering a 30 day free trial membership, as well as daily and hourly rates.
Students and teaches can receive a discount. View pricing options.