Shared Active Transportation

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Being stuck in traffic and looking for parking really takes the fun out of any activity, but have you ever seen someone sad on a scooter? Take advantage of all Austin has to offer by enjoying all the shared transportation options available to you!

Whether you planned to use them or not, shared bikes and scooters are always there to help. Bike and scooter shares are the perfect solutions to the beginning or the end of your transit trips. Located around the hottest spots in the city, these shared transportation options allow Austinites the opportunity to get to nearby destinations quicker than in a car.

Smart Trips Austin wants to make your first experience with bike and scooter shares the best possible. That is why we have teamed up with local vendors to bring you some great discounts available in our transportation resource guides!

Rules for Micro-Mobility Devices

The City of Austin updated the city’s transportation code to include all micro-mobility devices, such as “scooters, skateboards, and other compact devices designed for personal micro-mobility either privately owned, or part of a shared micro-mobility service.” The full ordinance can be read here.

Recommendations from the CDC for utilizing share bikes, scooters, and micromobility devices.

For riders of scooters, e-bikes, or any other micro-mobility device, we have listed the key rules for you below:

  • Riders shall obey all official traffic signals and signs
  • Riders less than 18 years of age must wear a helmet
  • Riders can not ride in the opposite direction of traffic
  • Riders can not use a portable electronic device while riding
  • Multiple riders can not use a single-rider device
  • Riders can not park the scooters in the public right of way or any way that would obstruct pedestrian/vehicle traffic, block sidewalks, or block building entrances/exits
  • Riders shall yield the right of way to pedestrians on a sidewalk or a vehicle in the roadway when exiting an alley, driveway, or building

Station-Based Bike Share


E-Bikes and Bicycles can be rented at one of the 76 stations. Each ride lasts 60 minutes. If you would like to ride for a longer period, check the bike back into a MetroBike station before checking another one out. Additional charges apply past 60 minutes.

If you make less than $25,000 a year you may be eligible to participate in BCycle For All. Click here to find out if you are eligible to get a year-long MetroBike membership for $5 (tax included)!

University of Texas and Huston- Tillotson students ride Austin BCycle for FREE! Click here for more information on how to enroll.

Dockless Scooters

These electric scooters are dispersed throughout the city for your convenience. By downloading the app you can locate and check out scooters closest to you. All rates are subject to change.


BIRD Scooters cost $1 to start riding and +45 cents per minute. Each ride will be charged a City of Austin fee of + 15 cents.

Bird Access is a program that provides unlimited 30-minute rides for just $5 per month to those eligible for state or federal assistance.


Lime Scooters cost $1 to start riding +35 cents per minute. Per-ride fee of 15 cents to cover City of Austin fee.

Lime Access provides rides at a 50% discount (50 cents to unlock and 7 cents per minute) to those who are currently enrolled in a state or federal assistance program such as Medicaid, EBT, SNAP, or receive a discounted utility bill.


Link scooters are offered at $1 to unlock and $0.39 per minute (City of Austin fee already included).