Smart Tips for Summer Bike Commuting

It’s August in Texas which means one thing, it’s HOT! As temps rise many bike commuters find it hard to continue spinning to work. Here are a few Smart Tips for beating the heat on your summer commute.

  • Hydrate before/during/after – Starting your workday dehydrated can be a real drag and affect your physical and mental performance. We recommend you drink one sixteen oz bottle of water in the morning before your commute. One 16 oz bottle during your commute and one bottle after. In the Austin summer, a water bottle cage is a necessity and can be purchased at your local bike shop.
  • try out multi-modal commuting – If you’re working the 9 – 5 grind you may find that the ride to work is much more bearable then the ride home. Luckily the capital metro buses and rail both allow bikes! This way you can ride to work, and try transit for your return trip!
  • Bring a change of clothes and hygienic wipes –  A suit and tie may not be the best option for a bike 90-degree commute. For this reason, it’s good to roll to work in athletic wear while bringing your work clothes in a backpack, or leaving them at work. If your office doesn’t have a shower a pack of hygienic wipes and a stick of deodorant can be a lifesaver!
  • Don’t forget your sunblock!