Smart Trips Austin: Eastside has landed in your mailbox!

You’ve got mail!

Smart Trips Austin recently moved into the Eastside and we have been saying hello to all of our neighbors in a variety of ways. One way that we have been getting to know the neighborhood is with our bright yellow postcards. Everyone who lives in the Smart Trips target area should have received a folded survey that asks about how you get around and offers helpful resources for walking, biking, riding transit, and sharing rides. We understand that the postcard may have left you with more questions than answers, so below are some frequently asked questions about Smart Trips Austin, how the survey works and why you should order a toolkit.

Q1: What is Smart Trips Austin?

Smart Trips Austin is a transportation options program that aims to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips and increase trips taken by foot, bike, bus or shared car. The City of Austin and Capital Metro are working together to encourage Austinites to try more sustainable options for getting around town. Usually, drive to the movies to meet friends? How about catching the bus, biking, or carpooling there? Excited to go check out the new coffee shop in your neighborhood? Maybe go for a stroll or a nice bike ride. Smart Trips is here to help you find new and convenient ways of enjoying the city.  

Q2: Why is there a survey attached to my toolkit order form?

The purpose of this form is not only for us to learn about how you currently get around, but also for you to take some time and think about how you currently get around. Where do you drive to? How do you feel when you drive? Have you thought about all these other ways that you can get around your neighborhood and city? By taking the survey you can begin a conversation with yourself to better understand how Smart Trips can help you enhance your trips. After you fill out the survey make sure to sign up for all of the great resources we offer to get you started trying new modes such as a free one-day bus pass or B-Cycle day pass!

Once the program is over, we will send another survey to your household to help us understand how the program helped you. 

Q3: Why should I participate in the Smart Trips Austin program?

At Smart Trips Austin we know that there are many reasons why you may not bike, bus, walk, or carpool. By offering the program we are able to help residents feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about how to move around the city. Once you have put in your Toolkit order, a Smart Trips Ambassador will come to your home to deliver your Toolkit and answer any transportation questions you may have. Whether it’s about how to avoid congestion, how to feel safe walking and biking, or how to get to work on the bus–we are here to help! 

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