Never Fear, Smart Trips is Here! |2016

Smart Trips Central Austin has Launched!

“I love traffic”
No one. Ever.

Austin is special.

It’s weird.  It’s beautiful.  It’s full of music. It’s full of history.  It’s full of innovative minds.  It’s full of passionate voices.  It’s full of bats and armadillos.

It’s also full of cars.

Traffic congestion might be Austinites’ favorite topic of conversation.  We wake up at 5:00am in an attempt to avoid it.  We cart carsick visitors to our favorite music venues, visitors who are puzzled by the I-35 standstill at 10:00pm on a Tuesday night.  We circle the grackle-infested HEB parking lot four times in search of parking spaces.  We stop at green lights in order to comply with the Don’t Block the Box law. We wait. We sit. We go. We brake. We sigh. We go. We brake again.

We sometimes forget that Austin is full of other options.

Smart Trips can help you navigate Austin’s wealth of amazing transportation options.  Central Austin is lucky enough to enjoy an extensive bicycle network, abundant transit routes, several car and ride share services, and walkable streets that lead to business and cultural centers.  Yes, these options can be confusing, even intimidating.  Just trying a new transportation mode for the first time requires an admirable amount of bravery.  Paying for the bus can instill stage fright in front of regular patrons and authoritative drivers.  Taking a broken bicycle to the shop when the broken bicycle is impossible to ride feels like a catch-22.  New carshare apps seem to be launching left and right (wait, what does “carshare” even mean*!?).  It’s all enough to compulsively reach for your car keys.  But never fear.  Smart Trips is here.

The Smart Trips program aims to make trying these new-to-you modes of transportation easy and fun instead of stressful and alienating.  Smart Trips Toolkits can be delivered directly to your door by a friendly Smart Trips representative**.  Fill out our online order form to compile your personalized Toolkit with helpful neighborhood maps, informational brochures, and safety guides to fill the knowledge gaps that prevent you from maximizing your mobility. Our events calendar is now available as well; we’ll continue to fill it up with group bike rides, neighborhood walks, and transit adventures to build your transportation confidence in a community setting. All Smart Trips events are free and open to the public!

The Smart Trips team wants to help you love rather than loathe traveling around our special city.  What transportation mode do you look forward to trying?

*Carshare – A model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time.

**Please check that your household is within our target area before filling out an order form. Unfortunately, Austinites outside the target area do not qualify to order Smart Trips Toolkits. If you do not qualify for a Smart Trips Toolkit but have a specific transportation options question, call the Smart Trips Hotline at 512-974-7853 to speak with a knowledgeable Smart Trips Representative.