Smart Trips Superstar of the Month   

A Smart Trips Superstar is someone who finds smart solutions to their commute by using sustainable transportation to get around town.

  • Maybe you take the bus to work and scoot home? 
  • Maybe you take the train for the first 10 miles and bike for the last 5? 
  • Maybe you walk to your local library?
  • Maybe you carpool with colleagues once a week to get to work?
  • Maybe you longboard, hoverboard, or even paddleboard?

If you incorporate sustainable transportation in your life then you have what it takes to be our next Smart Trips Superstar.  

Click here to nominate yourself or a friend, if we choose you as our next Superstar we’ll give you a shoutout so you can inspire others to become Smart Trips Superstars. 

Meet Zoe Mantarakis, July’s Smart Trips Superstar

Zoe is a mother of three who passes on her love of active transportation to the next generation by encouraging her children as well as neighborhood kids to bike and use transit. She can often be found riding around town pulling her three-year-old daughter behind her bike in a trailer with her two older kids riding alongside her.

“I’m a mother of three and we just take the show on the road!”