Transit Trips Made Possible: First/Last Mile Solutions | January 2018

Have you considered taking transit but find the nearest stop to be just too far away from your home or destination? We understand this predicament and even have a name for it – the first/last mile challenge. Many people don’t want to rely solely on their car to travel but find themselves just too far away from public transit.

If this describes you, here are a few options to consider to help close the gap to the bus stop.

Bike & Bus: Riding a bike is an efficient way to cover the distance from your home or destination to the bus stop that would be too far to walk. All Capital Metro buses are equipped with bike racks to make biking to your stop convenient. Download the Capital Metro app and check out the Austin bike map to plan a trip from your doorstep to your next destination.

B-cycle: Don’t have a bike of your own? Try out Austin B-cycle. With lots of stations around the city, these public bikes are perfect for making short trips to the bus stop!

Rideshare: Ridesharing apps can be expensive for long trips but can be less costly when used in conjunction with public transit. They offer a reliable and quick trip to the nearest bus stop. Austin has plenty of local rideshare apps for your use.
Whatever has wheels: In true Austin fashion, get creative with your wheels! Don’t forget about the longboard, scooter, or rollerblades you have in storage. Feel like a kid again by rolling to the bus stop any way you want! Check out the city sidewalk map to help plan your route.