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Walking is a fun way to explore the city, plus it’s a low-impact form of active transportation that is accessible to almost everyone! Consider walking the next time you need to take a trip within 1 mile of your home. Not only can walking help decrease Austin pollution and traffic congestion, but it’s also an easy way to lower health risks like high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Have a favorite walking route? Send us an email with your favorite route and we will turn it into a Walking Map! In the email please include a screen shot of your walk in google maps and a brief explanation of why this walk is special to you. All Walking Maps will be shared with the public at the end of the 2020 program.

Stay tuned to our events page where we post upcoming walking tours that’ll help you discover the best routes across your neighborhood and help you burn calories while you get to and from home, work or an evening out with friends.

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